Two out of three university students use their university's careers service only once or not at all.

They want careers advice and guidance that comes to them, on their mobile devices where they can share ideas and concerns with each other.

Employers say that early talent acquisition is siloed by universities - they have to find the talent they need on a university-by-university basis.

They want a way of identifying new talent at an early stage from the largest and most diverse pool possible and to incorporate this into their selection and onboarding processes.


Create, promote, grow and manage a marketplace that brings together curated young talent and companies who are seeking to recruit the best talent for their commercial purposes.

The human resource supply chain for early talent is underdeveloped and inefficient.


IF Community brings together employers and students throughout the UK in a single online space.

Proprietary tools combine with big data from external sources to generate personalised career insights.

Mentors from employers provide support to develop employability and enable talent-matching.

Peer-to-peer communities have been shown to produce career advice and support superior to conventional advice services, based on research at Exeter University.

IF Community now live

Run by students for students

Account creation requires a UK university email address.

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