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Fewer than 1 in 2 older Gen Z students feels prepared for the world of work. They use words like "anxious", "uncertain" and "overwhelmed" to describe their feelings about entering the labour market.


Economic insecurity affects Gen Z’s career decision making, as well as what they expect from current or future employment.


Poor network and contacts are cited by Gen Z students as the biggest barriers to pursuing a career path.


Around 85 percent of all jobs are filled through networking; at least 70 percent of open positions are not even advertised.

It's got to change

Conventional careers guidance isn't working

Gen Z's expectations aren't being met

The OECD PISA "Dream Jobs?" report published in January 2020 shows that Gen Z's horizons for their careers are worryingly narrow - it is jobs with origins in the 20th century or earlier that are by far most attractive to them. This is particularly true for those from a disadvantaged background.

As they leave education and start their working lives, Gen Z face many of the same problems as Gen Y. They find it hard to decide what the first step in their career should be, how to take this first step and then make rapid progress.

Despite their status as digital natives and their knowledge and use of social networks, when it comes to professional networking Gen Z's competence doesn't extend to making the kind of contacts they need.

Gen Z say that they want one to one support to help them to navigate career decisions. They feel comfortable having many ways to be themselves, but authenticity and truth are essential for them; more than any generation before them, ethical personal identity is non-negotiable.

Gen Zers don't define themselves through only one stereotype; instead, they seek to experiment with different ways of being themselves and to shape their individual identities over time. McKinsey & Co call them “identity nomads.”

Shaping the future - inferentially

  • Widening horizons

    Inferential Futures creates unique individual profiles that grow with the user, reflecting changing skills, values and knowledge. Users are empowered to explore future career identities, understanding how these reflect their core values and aspirations and where they can create value for themselves and others.

  • Making connections

    Inferential Futures introduces each user to opportunities to expand their professional network, online and offline, helping them to find those people and organisations that will feed and nurture their ambitions. Connections become mentors, communication generates meaning.

  • Providing answers

    Inferential Futures provides powerful insights with a light touch, drawing on massive datasets covering future employment and economic prospects and more across all sectors and in multiple markets.

  • Reducing friction

    The Inferential Futures user experience is designed to meet the expectations of digital natives, seamlessly connecting real and digital professional worlds.








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